Quick Money Ideas In A Slow Money World

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Everywhere you look, there’s gloomy money news. Being neither a politician nor journalist, I have no right to comment on whether this is justified gloom or not. All I know is, in the world I inhabit it isn’t so – and anyone can come and live in the same world.

There are three simple key ingredients to making quick money from a standing start. This has nothing to do with business acumen, luck or opportunity. It has to do with shifting where you look.

Don’t look AT the problem. The problem is your bank balance, your job or industry that’s floundering or dead. The problem is your empty wallet. You won’t find any quick money ideas in there.

Don’t ask yourself, (or anyone else), what to do. You cannot discover the right action to take from a position of fear or by focussing on the prevailing gloom. No quick money ideas there either!

Don’t keep focussing on what you don’t have or what you used to have. Instead look inwards. All the quick money, slow money – any kind of money you could ever desire is there.


First decide how to be – not what to do. Remind yourself that you are an immensely resourceful and creative being with the remarkable ability to choose what to focus on and what to think about. Recall times when you were creative, brilliant – when you shone at something. It doesn’t have to be anything to do with money – just the state of mind is what you want to find.

Second, focus on what you do have. Your health, perhaps? How about a roof over your head or a meal in your belly? How about someone who loves you? A pet? Friends? If you’re reading this off a screen, you have a computer, don’t you?

You have material wealth, (more than most of the world’s population), and you have love. So now you have focussed on gratitude.

The third thing to do is to listen very carefully. Not to me but to yourself. Somewhere within you lies the answer. You can feel it in your enthusiasms, your passions, your talents, your hobbies. Me, I love to write. Do you think anyone would pay me to do that? You bet! I learned to play acoustic guitar when I was thirteen? Do you think I could get some money by entertaining somebody? Of course!

These are things I love to do. In order to get quick money you need to let your passions flow freely. People buy you – they buy your passion. Recently I gave money to a limbo dancer who was performing in the high street of the town where I live. A crowd of shoppers and passers by had gathered to watch him. He was good at it, but that wasn’t why I gave him money. He magnetized the money out of many pockets that afternoon – mine included – because he was having fun. He WAS fun! He made me feel good.

People will pay a lot to feel good – especially when there’s gloom everywhere. You cannot make anyone feel good if you join the gloom. Find your passion and spread it around. You will not only have quick money – you’ll have a flood of it.

Now that’s a nice problem to have. And it’s the quickest money idea there is.


I Want It NOW! (How to let go & trust)

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I was asked this fabulous question recently regarding the Law Of Attraction:

“How can I set a firm positive intention and expectation, and then just forget about it by letting it go?”

Great question!

Another way of saying it is this: “When I use the law of attraction, how can I just set my intention without worrying about whether it will show up or not? Because if I worry, I drive it away…”

In other words, how do you set your intention and then simply let go and trust?

Eek! It’s a loop and I’m going to show you right now how to get out of it.

You see, the truth is, you don’t need whatever it is!

Think about it – how many times in your life have you thought you really needed something and it didn’t show up? Even money!!

You’re still here, aren’t you?

And the not showing up of whatever it was probably made you more resourceful at the time, so you grew.

Here are the things you really need, (well, some of them):

Your immune system working.
Enough sleep.
Your heart to keep pumping blood around your body …

Are you getting the idea yet? There’s not ONE of those things you’d spend time worrying or fretting about – they happen pretty much “automatically” – although they are the most complex things in the world – and your life really does depend on them!

How does your immune system know when to fend off a cold virus or a cancer cell?

I don’t know – and I understand that that kind of intelligence has so far defeated scientists too.

But it happens all the time!

How does your body turn an apple into your energy once you’ve eaten it?

Look, if you don’t need to concern yourself with that kind of thing, then pretty much anything else is an optional extra in life, isn’t it?
The fact is, whatever it is you’re paying attention to on a consistent basis will, give or take, sooner or later show up somehow in some form. It will.

And if it doesn’t show up how and when you wanted it to – guess what? You’ll think of something else! You’ll solve the puzzle some other way.

Here’s some more things you really need:

Your creativity. (You use this every time you open your mouth in a conversation. Have you ever noticed how 99% of the time you don’t rehearse your words in advance? You simply have a basic concept of meaning and you’re able to construct a whole argument out loud – on autopilot!)

Your willingness to take action – sometimes on impulses, (they could be “nudges from God”!)

A feeling of fulfilment and joy. (How else are you supposed to know if you’re following the right impulse?)

Dreams and desires. (Don’t worry – you’ll never run out of those!)

Have you got it yet? YOU are the resource. Listen to the nudges, the odd ideas that just feel right, the coincidences, the dreams you have in the middle of the night – and trust … you’ll find a way.

Knowing that you can and do influence your destiny is a great and fantastic asset. But some stuff is out of your control – maybe because you’re a novice and you can’t yet do what the yogis can do, and some stuff you wouldn’t want to control anyway! Who wants to be responsible for digesting your next apple?

Put your attention on what you want and imagine you just ate a really nice dinner. The digesting is nothing to do with you. It will happen anyway.

And so will your destiny. You just decide what to order from the menu, and nature takes care of the rest.


Thank goodness for that!

Creative Visualization – The Key To The Law Of Attraction?

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Creative visualization has been long heralded as one of the major keys to the successful application of the law of attraction, but many people don’t know how to do it well, or even believe that they can do it at all.


Moreover, the question that many people would want answered before even making a serious attempt at creative visualization is: does it work at all? 

Let’s endeavour to answer all of these – albeit in a brief article!

I‘ll leave the issue of doing creative visualization “well” until the end because, of course, that’s a subjective judgment.  The more important issue at this stage is whether you can do it at all.  I’ve heard so many people say that they cannot visualise.  I’m always struck by the slight irony of this, because in order to make such a statement the person has to imagine, (that is picture themselves), not visualizing!  However, that is not to make light of the complaint because anyone saying such a thing genuinely feels that to be their truth. 

The problem, I believe, is that there is a tendency to feel that there is a “proper” way to do creative visualization -as if there was some test to pass, or that it’s a kind of secret known only to a cult type brotherhood.  Nothing, I’m delighted to tell you, could be further from the truth!


The reality is, visualization is so everyday an occurrence that we don’t even notice ourselves doing it.  You couldn’t even make a cup of coffee without imagining the steps involved in heating the water, adding the coffee grounds to the cup and so on.  Not only that, but you wouldn’t want the coffee in the first place unless you could imagine the taste and the feeling that seems, in that very moment, would be satisfied only by a cup of coffee!  If thirst was the only problem, a glass of water would do much better! 

Not everyone makes pictures in their mind – at least not as a first resort.  Some more kinaesthetic types access a feeling state first which leads them to picturing the scene, for example.  In addition, people who believe they can’t visualize seem to believe that their “picturing” ability should be as vivid as something they see with their eyes open, or at least as powerful as a vivid dream.


Surprisingly, it isn’t the Technicolor quality of the images in your mind that hold the power of creative visualization anyway – it’s the feeling!

 If you can feel that you’re engaged in something you imagine, you’re doing creative visualization.  Emotions are our most primitive and also our most reliable inner guidance system.  Emotions change our biochemistry and the vibration of our energy – which are the activating forces of the law of attraction!  Making pictures in your mind is only one step in that process, and isn’t necessarily required in any case!  (How would a blind person employ creative visualization if that were the case?)


Let’s take a look now at whether the process of creative visualization works at all.  Quantum physics and metaphysics are now beginning to agree that it does – but as we’ve just established, the determining factor is the emotion accompanying the image.  You can imagine a pink zebra, but I doubt if one is going to show up in your life!  Constantly imagine yourself abundant and prosperous however – and do it with feeling – and you can be pretty certain that your bank balance is going to start reflecting that inner truth. 

Personally, these days I am in no doubt that your world is created from the inside out, so as a quick demonstration ask yourself this question:  If there was a dog with you right now – a special dog with the power of speech – how would he describe the room you’re in?  Wouldn’t he tell you about all the incredible smells first?  And if you asked him what he thought of the colour of the wallpaper, he’d look at you rather quizzically because to him the wallpaper is just another shade of grey.  Dogs don’t see colour.


Do we assume that we have the monopoly on “actual” reality? The dog has it wrong, because we know there aren’t “really” smells and the wallpaper “really” has colours in it?

Imagine what the same room looks like to a fly!

You have human sense organs that interpret energy vibrations in a specific way, that’s all!  Your nose is very limited compared to your dog’s, whilst your eyesight is pretty good, although some birds and bees, (who can see ultra violet), would think your vision a tad pathetic! 

Finally, then, we must look at the issue of whether you are someone who can do creative visualization well.  The answer to that has precious little to do with how masterful you are at making pictures in your mind.

The law of attraction works by like energies vibrating in sympathy.  Your ability to believe in the existence of such a manifestation process, and also in yourself are the keys that actually determine whether or not what you are visualizing shows up.  If that wasn’t the case, there might be a lot of pink zebras running around! 

Ultimately, then, the question is not how good you are at creative visualization, but whether you can believe in yourself and your worthiness to receive what you desire.


Once you know what you want, feeling it to be yours already is the most creative your visualization needs to get.

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Law Of Attraction: Are Your Feelings Fake?

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There’s a host of law of attraction teachers from Louise Hay to pre-Biblical prophets screaming one message at us:


Your feelings come first!


But the question that comes up in many forums and law of attraction workshops is this one:


“Isn’t it “phoney” to pretend that what I want is here when it actually isn’t?”


My personal take on this is that the question you must always ask first when confronted with lack is not “What shall I do?” but – MUCH more important, “How shall I BE?”  I recently turned my finances around with this very technique – when work dried up, I realised that the state to be in was “resourceful” – not panic stricken – and new work, (from a completely new source), turned up the very next day!


It’s not phoney if you accept (= choose to believe) that what you are seeing “now” is in fact the product of what you have produced in the past, (from your previous set of beliefs & feelings).  In other words there’s a time lag.


It’s as if what you are seeing today is what you “recorded” yesterday, and what you will see tomorrow is what you are “recording” now.  If you focus on what’s here today and look at all the un-manifested stuff, tomorrow you’ll see the “screening” of more un-manifested stuff!


(I use today, tomorrow and yesterday somewhat metaphorically to indicate “recent past”, “now”, and “soon”).


The “real” reality is in your head, not in what you perceive as your outside world!  Therefore, it’s not “phoney” because it’s all a product of your feelings and beliefs anyway!


Secondly, if you read the Abraham-Hicks material, (excellent!), you will see that they often advise not trying to go from a very negative emotional state to a very positive one in one hop.  Someone in despair is unlikely to be able to feel joyous in the next moment.  Instead they advise reaching for the next best feeling state – e.g. anger is better than hopelessness because anger is at least active!  (Not that they’re advising that you stay angry – it’s just a step on the ladder!)


The Law Of Attraction Principle is to reach for the next thought that would give relief!


The beautiful thing about this is, you can!  You have the power to choose what to think about and what to focus on.  Whilst most other creatures seem to be slaves to their instincts, we have the capacity to observe our instinctive responses and to control our minds.


Doesn’t that strike you as at least odd, if not utterly fascinating?


Why, then would you choose to focus on all the negativity in the world and your own life when you can notice how much is right?


I asked a close friend who was complaining about her struggles with her job and finances what qualities she wanted from an ideal life.


Her answers included feeling appreciated every day and being able to offload without being judged – things that were most definitely not happening in her office!


I asked her to consider if there was anywhere in her life that that was happening.  It took her about two seconds to exclaim, “My dog!  My beautiful dog gives me that every day!”


A simple shift in focus showed her she was already rich in departments she had felt impoverished in only a moment before.  She was then able to use the Law Of Attraction by focussing on the positives in her life, (so she felt better), and within four months she had a completely new job and new home that she loves!


If you want the law of attraction to work in your life, it’s simple.  Work it.  You can either feel the feelings of what you want but which is not yet here, or feel good by doing as my friend did and reaching for “appreciation” or “gratitude”. 


Not doing so is like complaining that you can’t see your favourite television programmes even though you have electricity in your home.


Yes, you have the power, but had you thought to buy a television set?  And plug it in?


The source energy – the power of the law of attraction – is there whether you harness it or not.  Just choose how you want to operate it in your life, and it will deliver.


Now, go and feel good about having everything you think is missing – because today’s movie in your mind becomes tomorrow’s reality!


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Get Revenge On The Rat Race: Be Successful! (But what at…?)

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A few days ago I worked with a young English woman who told me during a coffee break that her dream is … wait for it … to save for two years so that she can go to Africa to help …. orphaned elephants!


I wish her every success – not so much because of the lovely elephants she’ll undoubtedly help, but more because she’s had the wisdom to recognise her dream early in life, and she’s finding the strength and courage to follow it.


Her parents, she confided, would prefer her to stay in England and follow her career and have a family.


Ah, the status quo!


The lovely, well meaning folks who tell so many of us, (and don’t we then tell our kids the exact same thing?) don’t do it out of spite.  They us, they mean to protect us – but from what?


Let’s see.  That would be the fear of no income.  Or the shame of being jobless.  And the pain and misery those could bring.


Protection from pain and misery isn’t really something we need to be told about, is it?


But maybe it needs defining.  The pain of doing work that bores you, (or that you even hate), to pay bills for a lifestyle you didn’t really want, to remain in a relationship with someone else who’s afraid to dream, to bring up kids who’ll do the same … Isn’t that pain?


Let’s look at things a different way.  It’s pretty fair to assume that Picasso had a passion for painting.  I’d bet that Einstein’s favourite subject at school was science.


Each of us has a desire – seemingly as much planted by nature as the colour of our eyes – and if we follow it we feel good, and if we don’t, we don’t.


Don’t you think there’s a clue in there about how to live?


It isn’t only rock stars and rock climbers that get to follow their stars.  Anyone can do it.


A couple of years from now, ask some baby elephants in Africa if that isn’t true!


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The Most Important Success Question Ever?

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The Most Important Success Question Ever?


Yesterday a friend asked me something stunning.  He was motivated by our conversation about a project of mine I’m currently working on.  The project is designed to teach people the skills they need to be successful at anything- and here I was asking questions about whether I could succeed with the launch!


The stunning question was preceded by a statement my friend made.


This was the statement:


“You’ve got to believe in yourself.”


True, but not yet stunning.


Here’s the stunning question.  He said,


“What else is there to do?  Just think what the alternative would be!”


The alternative is not believing in yourself.  Just consider for a moment what that means!


Imagine going through life not believing in yourself!


Actually, you may have the uncomfortable realisation that quite a lot of the time, that’s precisely what you don’t do – you don’t believe in yourself!


Instead, you believe in “experts”, “gurus”, “politicians”, (okay, not them perhaps), “the media” … the list, if not endless, is very long, of all the things we’re willing to believe in before we’ll believe in ourselves.


I think my friend may have just asked me the most important success question ever.  What do you think?


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7,746 Law Of Attraction Volunteers To Change The World!

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It’s like this, isn’t it.  Either we believe in the Law of Attraction or we don’t.  Either it works or it doesn’t.

And if it does, then between us, (us being most of the world’s population), we’re attracting more war, more economic crisis, more global warming, more … negativity!

I’ve made a little video (just under 5 minutes long), so please watch it.  (It’s now on Youtube too), and when you’ve seen it, please pass it on … AND … make sure you sign up and register too.

You can register at http://www.wizardofwisdom.com/tippingthebalance/register.htm

Let’s All Worry!

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The law of attraction – assuming it has a sense of humour – must be laughing its little socks off!

Let’s see – we have the credit crunch, (I’m sure I should eat this for breakfast!), global warming and terrorism.  We can see all of this on the rolling news channels all day and all night.

Then, there’s my personal problems.  What are yours?  Relationship issues?  (You could always check out http://www.trust-in-relationships.com if you have those!)  Money worries?  The sky will fall on your head?

Now, of course, we all know what the solution is to any of the above, don’t we?  Yep, it’s worry!  Worry will solve it all.

It makes you feel bad, tenses your muscles and is one of the signs of stress, which has been known to kill. (Great, now we can worry more).  Furthermore, its sole purpose is to keep you focussed on the problem so if you do believe in the Law of Attraction all you will do is attract more of the same, thus exponentially increasing your problems in the shortest possible time!

What a great activity worry is!  We can make disaster movies in our own heads!

Curious, when you think that we have the ability to choose to make fun, happy movies in those same heads with happy endings, glorious plots in which we always succeed.  We can have all the romance, opulence, prosperity, health and success we want without any rolling news channels.  So why, oh why do we opt for all of this negativity?

The law of attraction clearly teaches that the world within creates the world without.  (Lovely quote from Neale Donald Walsch’s “Conversations With God”: “If you don’t go within, you go without.”  )

Choose to worry, or choose the opposite.  I think the old fashioned word for that is “faith.”

Why The Law Of Attraction Doesn’t Work For You – (Life Through A Magnifying Lens)

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Remember magnifying lenses we loved when we were kids?  Maybe you still have one somewhere.  Looking through them at an object of course made the image bigger.  But for most of us the fun part of magnifying glasses wasn’t their ability to magnify.  It was their power to focus the sun’s rays and make fire!


To do that, you had to have a little fuel, of course – some kind of dry tinder or grass.  Then all you needed was a few minutes of uninterrupted sunshine and your magnifying glass.  Oh, and some patience.  And maybe a steady hand.


It may be an old schoolboys’ trick, and is doubtless still used as a survival strategy, but the principles are much more profound than that.


If you look at, let’s say, a butterfly through your magnifying lens, and then some small print and then your finger nail and then … Well, you’ll get a lot of random enlarged images, won’t you?


Some will be fascinating, others perhaps less so.


Mostly, this is what we do with life.  We look at one thing, then think about another, then get distracted by something else and so on.  With no focus.


But if we focussed our energy and our attention and our emotions, even for a few consistent minutes on our desired outcomes, we’d be far more likely to see our hearts’ desires showing up.


This is why the law of attraction appears not to work for many people.  We spend a tiny amount of time focussing on what we want, and then snap back into old patterns, believing all our negative stuff that we’ve been so conditioned to believe.  Then we catch ourselves, and then we scold ourselves for not being positive, (so we’re negative with ourselves), and then we wrench ourselves back to positive thinking again and start all over again!  It’s exhausting!


Be gentle with yourself.  Your mind will wander, so forgive it.  It is said that seventeen seconds of focussed emotion is what it takes to set the manifestation process in motion.


So what if you only manage seven?  Or even three?  Or one?


Congratulate yourself, because that’s seven or three or one more than before!


If you want to start a fire with a magnifying lens it wouldn’t be any use throwing it down in disgust when the tinder didn’t catch light straight away.  Keep still, be patient and let the instrument do the focussing.  That instrument, if you want to start a fire is a magnifying lens.  If you want to change your life, it’s your incredible mind.  The result is then assured.


Have a focussed day!

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Meditation Techniques Can Change Your Life

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Yesterday I met a psychologist friend.  Over a beer we discussed education, because his work involves studying the effect of schools on children’s behaviour.

He asked me a fundamental question.  He said, “If there was one single skill that you think should be taught in school, what would it be?”

Without hesitation I replied, “Meditation.”

Why do I think we should meditate?  There are many reasons, (stay with me, I’ll tell you what they are!), but the most important is unquestionably that watching your own mind for even a few minutes a day makes you understand something fundamental.

You are NOT your thoughts!

Just take a moment to ponder this, will you?  However old you are, just reflect on what has become of the physical infant you once were.  No cell of that baby’s body now exists.  Even the way your own cells divide and reproduce has changed.  Although it’s almost imperceptible, changes happen to your body daily, don’t they?  You look in the mirror and there’s a wrinkle that wasn’t there yesterday.  Did that have anything to do with you?

No.  So “you” are not your body, are you?  “You” have experiences with your body that are as interesting and curious to you as they would be to any other onlooker!

Do you remember what you had for breakfast on the seventy-third Thursday of your life? No? But it’s a fair bet that you had some kind of breakfast.  Memories are highly selective, and whilst there is evidence to suggest that every single experience is remembered, at a conscious level that’s not our experience is it?

“You” are NOT your memories.  You have memories, just as you have dreams – another experience that appears to be nothing to do with you – these are all things that appear to happen to you.

Thoughts, too, float around in our heads seemingly uncontrolled.  There is an awareness, an entity, that becomes conscious of a thought or a stream of them.

You are not your thoughts!

What are you?

You are a still, quiet, entity that does not age, is not physical and is always at peace.  At your centre you are pure awareness.  When you meditate you get glimpses of that true you.

So what?  Well, even a few moments of pure peace will relieve decades of stress and anxiety, even if you go back to the old patterns when you finish your meditation session.  Gradually, however, the old stress patterns get eroded, like the sea washes a mountain away.  (Only quicker!)

Your true creativity comes through when you meditate regularly.  Instead of the old “censor” that cuts in as soon as you have a good idea, saying something like, “What, you?  You couldn’t do that!”  you find ideas just find their way through … plus a much more important “bonus.”

Spontaneously, you discover that you just “know” how to implement ideas.  Meditation removes the barriers and somehow people, opportunities and inventiveness are peppering your life.  It’s like having access to the source of everything.

In fact, my belief is that meditation isn’t like having access to that source.  “You” are the source of everything!  It’s just that, until you began meditation you couldn’t know that because you put a load of “clutter” in your head about what to “do” instead of how to “be.”  (See yesterday’s post on Living from the Inside Out for more on this)

This is all very well, but you do you learn to meditate?  And which meditation technique should you choose?

I was lucky – I learned transcendental meditation in the 1980s.  But now that’s hard to come by, (especially if you’re in the UK), and expensive to learn I believe.

These days, science understands what happens to our brains in deep meditation and can reproduce it.  We can now combine technology with ancient wisdom and get the same results as sages and gurus could get.

One of the best meditation techniques available on the net is simply called “The Meditation Program” (you can get it from here: http://tinyurl.com/deep-meditation ) based as it is on very sound science and a very profound understanding of what meditation is.

The only requirement is that you use it – regularly!  Make time for meditation in your life, (20 minutes a day is enough to begin), and watch your life change!

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