Quick Money Ideas In A Slow Money World

Everywhere you look, there’s gloomy money news. Being neither a politician nor journalist, I have no right to comment on whether this is justified gloom or not. All I know is, in the world I inhabit it isn’t so – and anyone can come and live in the same world.

There are three simple key ingredients to making quick money from a standing start. This has nothing to do with business acumen, luck or opportunity. It has to do with shifting where you look.

Don’t look AT the problem. The problem is your bank balance, your job or industry that’s floundering or dead. The problem is your empty wallet. You won’t find any quick money ideas in there.

Don’t ask yourself, (or anyone else), what to do. You cannot discover the right action to take from a position of fear or by focussing on the prevailing gloom. No quick money ideas there either!

Don’t keep focussing on what you don’t have or what you used to have. Instead look inwards. All the quick money, slow money – any kind of money you could ever desire is there.


First decide how to be – not what to do. Remind yourself that you are an immensely resourceful and creative being with the remarkable ability to choose what to focus on and what to think about. Recall times when you were creative, brilliant – when you shone at something. It doesn’t have to be anything to do with money – just the state of mind is what you want to find.

Second, focus on what you do have. Your health, perhaps? How about a roof over your head or a meal in your belly? How about someone who loves you? A pet? Friends? If you’re reading this off a screen, you have a computer, don’t you?

You have material wealth, (more than most of the world’s population), and you have love. So now you have focussed on gratitude.

The third thing to do is to listen very carefully. Not to me but to yourself. Somewhere within you lies the answer. You can feel it in your enthusiasms, your passions, your talents, your hobbies. Me, I love to write. Do you think anyone would pay me to do that? You bet! I learned to play acoustic guitar when I was thirteen? Do you think I could get some money by entertaining somebody? Of course!

These are things I love to do. In order to get quick money you need to let your passions flow freely. People buy you – they buy your passion. Recently I gave money to a limbo dancer who was performing in the high street of the town where I live. A crowd of shoppers and passers by had gathered to watch him. He was good at it, but that wasn’t why I gave him money. He magnetized the money out of many pockets that afternoon – mine included – because he was having fun. He WAS fun! He made me feel good.

People will pay a lot to feel good – especially when there’s gloom everywhere. You cannot make anyone feel good if you join the gloom. Find your passion and spread it around. You will not only have quick money – you’ll have a flood of it.

Now that’s a nice problem to have. And it’s the quickest money idea there is.


~ by wizardofwisdom on May 19, 2009.

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